consent form

Permission Form


Surname of child: Forename(s):


Address: Date of birth:


Are there any allergies, medical conditions and/or prescribed medication we should be aware of? Please use a separate sheet if necessary.


Special dietary needs? Please provide clear details, using a separate sheet if necessary. If inoculations are required for this trip, please confirm that these have been done, with inoculations given and dates.


Are you happy for pictures/videos to be taken by the leaders at Thrive activities, which may include your child, for use within the group and on Thrive social media platforms? (NB leaders will follow picture and image safety guidelines relating to taking, storing and sharing pictures; these are available from the trip leaders.)


Yes No (please circle the answer that applies)


Do you give permission for your child to be driven by a Thrive leader under the Thrive safe driving policy? (Please ask a Thrive leader if you would like to review the policy.)


Yes No (please circle the answer that applies)



Thrive Youth Work uses social media platforms Instagram and Facebook to spread the word about our events, activities and updates. Keeping children safe online is our top priority and we will be following strict guidelines to ensure that young people are not put at risk.


Our online code of conduct can be found here:


Our full safeguarding policy can be found here: 


Please be assured that:

  • All communication will occur from the following Thrive Huntingdon accounts and never from the personal account of an adult

    • Instagram: @thrivehuntingdon

    • Facebook: @thriveyouthwork

    • Email:

    • Zoom & Microsoft Teams: by invitation, always hosted by at least two adults

  • The accounts above are always monitored regularly by at least 2 adults

  • All communication will be:

    • Transparent: visible to at least 2 adults and able to be shared with parents.

    • Accountable: recorded and seen by at least 2 adults

    • Purposeful: for a specific purpose that is in the best interest of the young person

  • All adults with access to the account have been safely recruited via our safeguarding policy which includes an Enhanced DBS check



I give permission for Thrive Huntingdon to contact my child via the following platforms: please tick all that apply


  •  Instagram (13+)

  •  Facebook (13+)

  •  Email

  • Zoom (video conferencing: if your child is under 16 this will need to be on their parent/carer’s email with their consent)

  • Microsoft Teams

  • I give permission for Thrive Huntingdon to contact my child directly using the contact information above  


  • I would like to be included in all correspondence with my child



Emergency Contact


Name: Relationship to the child:


Address: Phone number:




Child’s email address: Child’s mobile number: (if applicable)


Alternative Contact

Name: Relationship to the child:


Address: Phone number:





Please read and sign. Please return this form by 23rd July or make sure your young person brings along this form to the Thrive activities they attend.


Name: Signature: Date:


I have read the information which has been supplied about this visit and give consent for my child to take part.